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1.) SEC reporting and advisory services

  • a. Annual and quarterly financial reporting
    • i. We can help you coordinate, draft and file a wide variety of SEC reporting forms for you including Form 10-K, 10-Q and 8-Ks. We can also act as your quality control reviewer by reading through your already drafted forms and helping you understand if the information is accurate and precise. We can also help draft any public presentations for shareholders, outside parties or internal parties.
  • b. XBRL support and compliance

2.) Technical accounting research and position papers on any subject

  • a. Understanding and documentation accounting issue from company deals take extensive time and knowledge. We can accurately document and explain deals that influence your financial records. We can prepare memos that walk through the impact of your deals so that auditors, regulators and your accountants can understand the impact and how to record the deals before or after they are signed. We can be part of the process of drafting customer contracts/deals to provide language and context to accomplish your accounting goals. This allows you to focus on growing your business rather than researching complex guidance.
  • b. The following are typical areas our expertise covers which include not only US GAAP but also international standards under IFRS. This is a small subset.
    • i. Revenue recognition
      1. Pre signing deals or post signing deals
    • ii. Lease accounting
    • iii. Business combination and acquisitions
    • iv. Purchase price allocations
    • v. Stock compensation matters
    • vi. Segment reporting
    • vii. IFRS to US GAAP comparisons
    • viii. Debt extinguishments and modifications

3.) Audit preparation support

  • a. Act as your agent between management and auditors
  • b. Prepare financial statements
  • c. Prepare and document work papers for audit review
  • d. Process and procedure documentation for the auditors
  • e. Assistance with internal control framework
  • f. Technical research and guidance

4.) Accounting processes and procedures drafting and implementation for public and private companies

  • a. We can help you design and document accounting processes and procedures for your company.
  • b. We have extensive expertise with newly public companies and the design and implementation of accounting practices especially around technical accounting and financial reporting.

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